Our Vision

The world’s largest international development agencies have a vital role to play to meet 21st-century challenges like climate change and pandemic response. But constrained by regulations and business practices established decades ago, many public institutions are struggling to deliver results or innovate at the speed that we need.

Unlock Aid is here to help.

As a coalition of the world’s most innovative organizations that work in development, we fight for changes to make aid agencies far more innovative and results-oriented.

United States
We want to help transform USAID to become the most results-oriented, innovative aid organization in the world. Here are our policy ideas regarding the way forward. We welcome your feedback on what’s missing.

We’re also working on global policy agenda and would love your help putting it together. Please get in contact to share your ideas with us. At a minimum, we need to:

  • Significantly increase innovation funding to rapidly incubate new ideas and scale up proven ones¬†
  • Streamline procurement rules to make it easier to work with locally-led organizations, new partners, and technology innovators
  • Build pro-innovation, 21st-century workforces
  • Promote radical transparency in contracting and procurement