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Our world’s current, collective effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals does not operate with the urgency, flexibility and innovation required to succeed. Established systems perpetuate the status quo, pay for activities rather than results, and underutilize high-impact technologies and strategies that have enormous potential to address inequities and improve outcomes. Climate change, pandemics and humanitarian crises accelerate our rapidly closing window of opportunity and we must act now.

Unlock Aid channels the power of committed individuals and innovative organizations from around the world to maximize the value of public resources, driving reforms of institutions with global reach to identify and scale solutions for the world’s most challenging problems.

United States & USAID
We want to help transform USAID to become the most results-oriented, innovative aid organization in the world.

  • New: Please visit our 2023 Policy Platform (soliciting public comment until Dec 20, 2022)
  • Check out our Three Ideas for USAID: Actions the agency can take now to accelerate impact and prioritize innovation (published 8/12).

Other Resources

  • Click here to see the white paper we shared with USAID on January 31 regarding its proposed localization capacity development policy.
  • Click here to see our recent innovation white paper (published 5/25), outlining barriers that many innovators experience working with global development funders.


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