Philips Joins Unlock Aid to Make USAID the Agency of the Future

Philips, a global leader in health technology joined Unlock Aid today, becoming the first multinational to join the fast-growing coalition of global innovators. Founded by a mix of veterans from USAID, the State Department, and the White House, as well as leading international development sector innovators, Unlock Aid is driving reforms to make global development agencies like USAID more innovative and results-oriented.


New Group to Fix USAID

The U.S. Agency for International Development is struggling to meet its mandate and help millions across the world, so a new high-powered advocacy agency will provide outside pressure to instigate reform. The group, Unlock Aid, features a board of development professionals and a consortium of private companies in the space. Their goal is to help USAID change its business practices and regulations to make providing aid more effective and efficient. “Constrained by regulations and business practices established decades ago, the world’s largest development agencies are struggling to keep pace and innovate at the speed we need,” reads their website, which NatSec Daily got an exclusive look at.


Opinion: COVID-19 requires ‘business as unusual’ in global health

Nearly 18 months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the coronavirus continues its march around the globe, leaving medical, social, and economic trauma in its wake. With the delta variant driving new and deadly waves of the disease across the world, the pandemic appears far from over. Despite the efforts made by global development institutions to mobilize human and financial resources to fight COVID-19, critical and immediate operational adjustments are needed to accelerate and facilitate implementing partners’ ability to execute programming that would protect and save lives.

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