Lloyd’s of London, Parsyl to insure COVID-19 vaccine distribution in emerging markets

Lloyd’s of London and insurtech firm Parsyl have launched a development finance-backed programme to insure the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in emerging markets as a global vaccination programme to halt the deadly virus gathers pace... “By unleashing the power of data, we’re addressing a critical insurance gap when the world needs it most,” Ben Hubbard, Chief Executive at Parsyl said. “It’s now time to vaccinate the world and we’re so proud to be contributing to this monumental global effort.”

The Economist

Premise Data: Armed with smartphones, Colombians are taking on the local mozzies

If you see a pothole, smell gas or step in water from a burst main, you can report the details online immediately. Smartphones mean that any concerned citizen can help keep a city’s infrastructure in proper repair—in theory. In practice, a nudge is sometimes required. And in the case of a project organised by Premise, a company in San Francisco that analyses geographical data, that nudge is financial. Premise, a recently formed firm, plans to make money by recruiting millions of observers. It will pay them each a fee to use their smartphones to gather whatever information is of interest to its customers about whichever country the observer happens to be in.

Quartz Africa

mPedigree: Ghana’s budding health tech sector is finally getting deserved global recognition

Ghana’s long unsung health tech sector is getting global validation with two of its most promising startups being named among five winners for one of the most prestigious social enterprise awards in the world. Accra-based mPedigree and mPharma will each receive $1.5 million from this year’s Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, they were among just five winners from around the world and two of the three from Africa. The prize will enable them to build their scale and grow impact.