Take Action: USAID Localization Policy

We need your help!

USAID is soliciting comments for its proposed Local Capacity Development Policy until January 31, 2022

We just submitted this statement.

Now it’s your turn.

First, copy this:

  • I support USAID’s vision to promote more locally-led development and agree with Unlock Aid that this vision will be realized only if USAID does the following:
    (1) Use more straightforward contracting and grantmaking methods that pay on the basis of milestones and results delivered, like Fixed Amount Awards. Relying on traditional “cost reimbursable” methods that pay for time and materials drives away new and local organizations;
    (2) Create HR incentives for USAID contracting officers to structure more awards that pay for results and write awards directly to smaller innovators;
    (3) Create an era of transparency at USAID by telling us who the agency is paying, to do what, and against what milestones for every award;
    (4) Increase USAID’s use of fiscal agents. These organizations can absorb large sums but do not have conflicts of interest to do the work that larger implementing partners do;
    (5) Improve prime-sub contracting practices, including by prohibiting the use of local organizations as “bid candy”;
    (6) Stop issuing “local” awards to US-based prime contractors and international NGOs that have registered locally but are not truly local, indigenous organizations.
    USAID can lead the way to reimagine the future of global development but only if it changes the way it does business. We stand ready to work with you to make this vision a reality.

Second, visit this USAID website by January 31, paste your comments, and click ‘save’ to submit: https://www.usaid.gov/local-capacity-development-policy

Third, Let us know when you do! Tweet at us at @unlockaid