Who We Are

Unlock Aid is a coalition of leaders and pace-setting organizations who are organizing to drive big structural change in global development, starting with our public institutions. Together we will unleash the power, creativity, and speed of experienced innovators in development, helping to shape the market and drive faster, more sustainable, and less expensive outcomes at scale.


Walter Kerr Executive Director
Amanda Arch Chief Operating Officer
Abigail Ony Nwaohuocha Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives
Malyse Uwase Innovation Fellow
Shiro Wachira Innovation Fellow
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Advisory Board

Ambassador John Simon Former US Ambassador to the African Union & Former Vice-Chair of the Global Fund
Maeve Magner Innovation & Global Health Supply Chain Expert
Maura O'Neill Former USAID Chief Innovation Officer & Social Entrepeneur
Sonal Shah Former Director of White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation & President of the Asian American Foundation
Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs

The Coalition

AInfluence Africa’s first AI-powered influencer marketing platform, driving positive behavior change to improve health outcomes.
Arizona State University Named by US News and World Report in 2021 as the most innovative university in the United States for the 7th year in a row.
Atlas AI Brings together world class machine learning talent and deep domain expertise to develop software that allows customers to plan and monitor high stakes investments including infrastructure development initiatives and market expansion programs.
BAO Systems Empowering decision makers to improve lives through sustainable technology.
Be Girl Creates high-performance period products, delivers age-appropriate education, and fights stigma so that all girls and women can own, understand, and love their bodies.
Bluesquare Delivering innovative technology for better lives.
Conservation X Labs A technology and innovation company that creates solutions to stop the extinction crisis.
Drinkwell 800 million people lack access to clean drinking water taking 4 million lives each year, of which approximately half are children. Drinkwell delivers clean drinking water on a permanent basis by blending locally-regenerable water filtration technology with a micro-franchise business model. Building off of 200 profitable deployments across India, Laos, and Cambodia through local partners, Drinkwell Systems deliver 60x more water, is 17x more energy efficient, and reduces waste by 7 orders of magnitude compared to Reverse Osmosis, the current best practice.
EarthEnable Creates custom-developed earthen floors that eliminate unsanitary dirt floors.
E-Livestock Global Our aim is to improve the livelihood of rural and commercial farmers by enabling traceability of their cattle. By focusing on cutting-edge, affordable technologies, we deliver a world class solution that can be applied globally.
Eneza Education Builds simple mobile technology that improves education outcomes.
Equalize Health Equalize Health is a not-for-profit medical technology company with offices in India, Kenya, and the United States. Equalize Health’s products include the ReMotion Knee, a polycentric prosthetic knee for above-the-knee amputees, and Brilliance, a phototherapy device for treating neonatal jaundice.
Flare Flare connects patients with simple, efficient, and affordable ambulances in minutes throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Our on-demand mobile solution helps millions access critical emergency care transport, enables ambulance owners to better serve their customers, and links with hospitals to inform them ahead of time that a patient is en route. Patients access our services through our award-winning rescue.co membership product which today is provides peace of mind and care to millions.
Fraym Advanced, hyper-local data on communities around the world.
Freight in Time Providing the most innovative, reliable, efficient and cost-effective logistic solutions.
Food4Education Food4Education is a Non-Profit organisation that works with vulnerable children in the public school system to improve their lives and school performance. Founded in 2012, Food for Education provides subsidised, quality school meals everyday with a goal of feeding 1,000,000 kids by 2025.
Forested Forested is a nature-based solution to climate change. We're building the Cargill for deforestation-free, biodiversity-positive, and carbon neutral ingredients for CPG businesses from native forests around the Global South. Starting in Ethiopia, we partner with indigenous forest communities to regeneratively produce, process, and distribute regeneratively-grown products (i.e. bee products, spices, herbs, gums and resins) to build a profitable solution to deforestation and biodiversity loss within native forest ecosystems.
Impact Hub Nairobi Connects entrepreneurs and innovators to each other, as well as to large organizations, investors and the public sector. Why? To enable inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale.
Instiglio Works with governments and global development practitioners to enhance the effectiveness of policies and programs.
Intelehealth Intelehealth is a technology non-profit that's improving access to primary health care in underserved regions of the world through its innovative telemedicine platform. Intelehealth can be used by health organizations to set up high quality telemedicine programs connecting their doctors to patients in remote and rural communities.
Kasha Kasha empowers all women to confidentially and affordably purchase the products they need to live their best lives.
Kountable A global trade and technology platform that enhances trust, transparency and audibility in procurement and supply chains.
mPedigree The global leader in the use of mobile and web technologies in securing products against faking, counterfeiting and diversion.
Macro-Eyes Accurate predictions from incomplete data - transforming crucial systems.
Maisha Meds Maisha Meds is building a digital pharmaceutical benefits manager for essential health products in low- and middle-income countries to improve access to affordable, high-quality, and appropriate medications for the bottom of the pyramid.
MARAMOJA Leading a revolutionary movement towards a socially-powered on-demand economy to make transportation to schools faster, safer, and more reliable.
Medic Building tools for people who care.
NEPI NEPI provides a CBT-based hardcore youth rehabilitation model with a cash transfer to reduce youth crime and violence. It is evidence-based and cost-effective. At NEPI, we focus on the reduction of youth crime and violence to create safe communities for everyone.
Nivi The conversational marketplace for health that helps individuals navigate decisions about their personal health, while enabling providers to reach larger patient populations at lower cost.
NPX Advisors NPX is transforming how impact is financed in the nonprofit sector and beyond. The company created the Impact Security, a proprietary financial product that explicitly links capital with impact, to give donors, impact investors and nonprofit organizations a new, better way to fund impact. NPX works with innovative clients to pioneer novel ways of financing impact, including facilitating, structuring and launching Impact Securities.
One Acre Fund Provides a complete bundle of services to almost 1.5 million smallholder farmers across Africa, so they can grow more food and earn more money.
OutcomesX The first global marketplace to buy and sell social outcomes.
Parsyl Protect your refrigerated cargo with modern risk management and data-powered insurance.
Philips One of the world’s leading medical technology firms.
Premise Data A two-way global marketplace for high-quality data.
Publish What You Fund The global campaign for aid and development transparency.
SaveLIFE Foundation An independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across India.
Semilla Nueva Fights malnutrition and poverty with better corn.
Simprints A biometric solution to tackle your greatest impact challenges.
StaTwig Blockchain powered supply chain visibility solution that is preventing failures in vaccines and other critical supply chains.
VIEBEG Builds modern tools for stakeholders in the medical supply chain to ensure that medical products are always available and accessible.
Wastezon Wastezon App provides households, end-consumers, and recyclers with efficient waste traceability, sorting, and collection. So far over 400 tons of e-waste have been transacted on our app, diverting over 2600 Carbon emissions.
Wildtype Wildtype isn’t plant-based, farmed-raised, or wild-caught. We're making cultivated seafood, starting with sushi-grade salmon.
Zenysis The operating system for governments.
Zipline Deliver vital shipments via the fastest, most reliable autonomous aircraft delivery service in the world.
ZUMI Empowers women micro-entrepreneurs with commerce and financial services to start and scale their businesses. A B2B marketplace where entrepreneurs can secure essential inventory, working capital and logistics.

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